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Never Give Up!

Weak, sober, depressed and dejected… He put on a broad smile that hides his pain away from the physical eyes. The pillar which holds his ego now shattered. His pride dangling like a pendulum. His hope staggering, his weakness gained momentum at his failing strength. Often times he would have a sneak peek into his glorious future, and the prospect of unending opportunities waiting to … Continue reading Never Give Up!

UmehWrites -Why Do Sinners Prosper and not Believers

Why Do Sinners Prosper and Not Believers?

It hurts to see people who love and serve God roast in abject poverty, while those who despise him squander wealth recklessly. A lot of question pop into my head like; is suffering synonymous to service to God? Do the good things of life not apply to the people of God? While children of God await their reward in Paradise, shouldn’t their bread at least … Continue reading Why Do Sinners Prosper and Not Believers?

Short Story: 21st Century Delilah by @UmehWrites/UmehOma

Short Story: 21st Century Delilah.

Men are foolish. No wonder the creator made them the stronger s3x, because if women are physically stronger than men, people like me will use them as their slaves.   Men are like oranges, you just need to squeeze them before they give up their juice. Although, there are some that are quite hard like grapes, and that’s where I apply my spiritual connection in … Continue reading Short Story: 21st Century Delilah.